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Grown exclusively in the lush and fertile soil of the Kampot Province, Cambodia, this Premium Kampot Pepper has been hand-harvested and carefully selected piece-by-piece following century old traditions to ensure the exquisite quality that turns the heads of the most prestigious chefs worldwide. 

At Maison TêT, we are passionate about providing you with the best Kampot Pepper available, and we take pride in offering a range of carefully curated peppers that showcase their distinct flavour and complexity. The Black, White, Red and Green peppercorns all provide you with a unique culinary journey, each pairing with their traditional dishes, but more importantly, available for you to explore new heights with and create your own recipes. 

Whether you are a food lover, a connoisseur or a chef, we invite you to discover the remarkable world of Kampot Pepper with Maison TêT.