Our Story


Maison TêT is a family business that directly imports products from Asia to Europe. Founded by Tjarco van Raad, Maison TêT is dedicated to offer you beautiful products from South-East Asia. As reflected in our name, “Maison” (meaning “house”) represents the elegant French style, combined harmoniously with “TêT”, the most important celebration of the Vietnamese calendar where families reunite and spend quality time together. 

Our mission is simple: Everything in our House is made with love for people and the planet.



We lived and worked in Southeast Asia for over a decade. Our many journeys through the region made us fall in love with its people, flavours, colours and senses, so beautifully captured in the French Indochine vibe. This is where Asia meets Europe, and this is what sparked our imagination.When we moved back to the Netherlands, we packed up our experience and unpacked it in Maison TêT.


In our experiences, we found that the people and countries that bring us the joy of these products, do not nearly get the recognition or attention that they deserve. That is why our goal is to expand and grow by providing the coffee farmers, pepper farmers and local artisans with equal and fair opportunities to grow and thrive with us.


Dating back to the 13th century, Kampot Pepper has stood the test of time. Through generations of passed down farming traditions, this pepper shows the true rich history of the Cambodian people and their culture. Upon our visit to the farm in Kampot we completely fell in love with the people and the country. These beautiful peppers bring incredible flavours and aromas that we wanted to share with a broader audience. The pristine quality of the peppers are only as good as their history and the craftsmanship of the local farmers.


Our friend Rudy van Bork, the owner of Hoi An Roastery, introduced us to the wonderful world of coffee as we visited the Quang Tri province in Vietnam. Seeing the small villages and the mesmerising foothills where the coffee was being sourced from was simply breathtaking. We followed our hearts by supporting this project and try help build up their community. Inspired by their delicious coffee and story, we made it our mission to bring their craft to our home in the Netherlands, eager to share the warmth and flavours of Vietnam.


With so many hidden gems and talented local artisans, we wanted to bring you the vibrant spirit of South East Asia through our carefully curated selection. By offering their unique creations, we aim to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry and support talented craftsmen, creating a platform that fosters connection and appreciation.


Through these products we wanted to shine the light on the beautiful ecosystem of South-East Asia. Our expanding collection is carefully curated to highlight the lands of origin and the incredible people responsible for growing and creating these alluring products.